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Acting, puppetry, musical theatre and walkabout work

Currently exploring voice work - contact me for details

The Brain That Wouldn't Die

Oogle Buffleflum, March 2019

Writer, Director, Designer

I wrote this 40 minute opera (based on a 60s horror movie) in 2015, and in 2019 performed it at Patchwork Studios in Maker, Cornwall, for a three-night sell-out run. We shared the bill with WC Bandersnatch and Maudlin Lovejoy, acts written and performed to complement our black and white aesthetic and horror humour.

I designed the set, including.some magnet-operated magic and a roaring black and white fire, and made a lino cut illustration for the poster design.

For most, the sudden and improbable decapitation of a sweetheart would end a relationship. Not so for Sebastian, the scientific genius who leads you in this tragic tale of love, loss and murderous egomania. Through song, screams and seductive dancing, Sebastian and his recently deceased beloved, Hedy, will terrify and beguile, and leave you dying for more.

The Hatchling

Trigger Stuff, August 2021, June 2022

Writer, Director, Performer, Designer

In 2021, a huge team of puppeteers, kite flyers and producers guided a dragon from egg to giant through the city of Plymouth and off the hoe.

I trained with War Horse director Mervyn Millar to be a part of an incredible troupe of 36 puppeteers. Each of us rotated through different parts of two giant puppets over two days of performance throughout the city, ending in the transformation of the dragon into a kite which launched and flew out to sea. 

The following year we were invited to be part of the Queen's jubilee pageant, leading a parade that culminated in a choreographed performance outside Buckingham Palace with dancer Janice Ho.


Camel Toe Cabaret

Oogle Buffleflum, Spring 2012

Writer, Performer

For this musical project I wrote a series of sinister comedy songs, and recorded and performed them with my housemates in regularly released videos.


We then cowrote a stage performance to turn the songs into a headline festival cabaret act featuring puppets, a full band, dance routines, offers of marriage and audience participation. 

The Dandy Lions

Gadabout Arts, Summer 2018


A festival walkabout as Godfrey, the sarcastic boozehound of a team of superior aristocratic lions who know that whatever festival they're at belongs to them.

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